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Porta tronchi per carrello elevatore idraulico

Un componente importante di un'applicazione e una configurazione del prodotto

1, hydraulic system: imported original fuel tank check valve; seal products are imported, high-pressure hose with cone seal, high-performance imports hose.
2, structural parts: the fork frame using high-performance steel plates welded together.
3, mechanical performance: to achieve 45 ° forward, 19 ° backward, adding in the fuel tank check valve, in order to achieve long packing, ensure that the work or the safety hose burst.
4 Application: suitable for a variety of round timber holding clip, round cloth and other transport / disposal work, reduce the logistics cost, significantly increase the production efficiency.


1, l'effettivo camion / capacità di carico è una fabbrica completa ottenuta dal carrello elevatore.
2, this is a required matching increase in group 2 required additional forklifts circuit, both with self-locking cylinder.
3, fork length as a standard fork.

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Info Veloci

Luogo di origine: Fujian, Cina (continente)
Marchio: HUAMAI
Model Number: QY25G-B1
Product Name: Log Holder
Type: QY25G-B1
Grado di installazione: III
Adaptation Forklift: 3-4.5 t
The picking Fork Installation Level: III
Pressure Tooth Width RW: 1000 mm
High-pressure Tooth Node RH: 890 mm
Fork Rack Width A: 1000 mm
Overall height H: 1205 mm